Mineiros Infrastructure as Code Library

A comprehensive list of Terraform modules with sane defaults, best-practices, tests, and examples that help you to get up and running on AWS in no time.

Every single company that wants to go to production on the public cloud needs to solve the same set of problems: Networking, Orchestration, Data Storage, Secret Management, Monitoring, and more. Instead of building it all from scratch, we help your team to implement generic infrastructure so your engineers can focus on innovating.

On top we offer professional support for bug fixes, new features or even new generic and custom modules.
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A overview of the Minerios Terraform Library

How does it work?

Our library is composed of three different layers:

  • Base Modules (Open Source)
  • Service Modules (Available through a Subscription)
  • Architectures (Available through a Subscription)

Base Modules

A base module is a single unit in your architecture, and represents a single AWS service (e.g. a Virtual Private Network). All our base modules are open-source, licensed under Apache License 2.0 and ship with comprehensive documentation, examples, and tests.

Catalogue Overview

Service Modules

Service Modules integrate several base modules and represent production-grade services that are reusable and fully customizable among environments. Every module is pre-configured and hardened in a production-grade manner and follows best practices such as AWS Well-Architected. We are offering modules for Networking, Container (Kubernetes and Elastic Container Service), Queues, Databases, Logging, Monitoring, etc.

Our Service Modules are available for customers on a monthly-paid subscription basis.


Architectures are pre-configured, end-to-end architectures that are deployable in minutes and fully customizable. We are offering architectures for Container (Kubernetes and Elastic Container Service ), Serverless, and Compute that are available on request.


Is your team already using Terraform or planning to do so?

We offer professional support for our growing terraform module library and
of course, we also support your team on general terraform questions.

If you find bugs, request features or need special modules, we guarantee that we will start working on those topics within an agreed-upon time frame.

Get professional support from leading experts in the area of Cloud Infrastructure Automation.


Free forever

  • Open Source Terraform Modules
  • Support via StackOverflow
  • Support via GitHub Issues
  • Support via Community Slack
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€2.250 + VAT / month

€1.800 + VAT / month

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  • All community features
  • Early access to new modules
  • Prioritized bug fixes
  • Prioritized features
  • Support via email, slack, video
  • SLA for support - 2 biz days


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  • All Professional features
  • Prioritized new modules
  • Building with Terraform Support
  • SLA for new modules - 5 biz days
  • SLA for new features - 5 biz days
  • SLA for bug fixes - 3 biz days
  • SLA for support - 1 biz day