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Start building your infrastructure on top of a collection of pre-configured Terraform modules. Proven in production at dozens of companies and maintained and supported by our DevOps and Site-Reliability-Engineer experts.

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How does it work

Focus on building products rather than infrastructure

Every single company that wants to go to production on the public cloud needs to solve the same set of problems: Networking, Orchestration, Data Storage, Secret Management, Monitoring, and more. Instead of building it all from scratch, we help you to implement generic infrastructure so you can focus on innovating.

You need to go to production on AWS
You're launching a new product, or you need to migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud. You are required to implement networking, databases, continuous integration & deployment, monitoring & logging, queues, data pipelines, and orchestration, but you don't have the time or expertise to implement it all from scratch.
Start building on top of our open-source modules
You planned your project and discovered all the requirements. It's time to start building. Check out our open-source modules on GitHub or the Terraform Registry and implement services such as a VPC or an S3 bucket right away.
Join our community
Need help on DevOps, SRE, and Cloud specific topics? Join our free slack-community. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. We are here to help!
Get access to our end-to-end architectures
Are you interested in even saving even more time? We are offering complete end-to-end architectures such as Kubernetes, Compute, Serverless, Data Pipelines, and more. Talk to us and get an offer right away.
Best Practices & Compliance
Are you working in a regulated industry such as Fintech or Healthcare? We help you to launch infrastructure that is compliant with the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark recommendations and others such as HIPAA or PCI DSS.
Support & Training
We are offering paid support and training for all our modules, Terraform, and all DevOps, SRE, and Cloud related topics.

Why Mineiros

A better way of managing cloud environments

Save weeks of engineering time by choosing from pre-configured end-to-end architectures such as Kubernetes, ECS, Compute and Serverless.

  • Pre-configured Terraform Modules

    Instead of start implementing from scratch, use our pre-configured Terraform modules to implement services such as VPCs, Databases, Secrets Management, and many more.

  • Automated Tests

    We provide automated tests for all our modules which ensure that our modules are always ready to go to production.

  • Updates & Maintenance

    We frequently update our framework, add new features and modules. We implement latest changes issued by AWS.

  • Fully Customizable

    Combine and compose our modules in any way you wish. See how everything works under the hood, debug any issues you run into, and customize and modify the code to fit your exact needs.


Get started now

Start building on top of our open-source modules today. Talk to us for production-grade end-to-end architectures, compliance and support.



Start implementing your infrastructure on top of our open-source modules for free right away.

  • Wide Range of Open Source Modules

  • Examples, Best Practices, Test & Documentation

  • Free Support through our Community Slack


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Access to our ready-to-deploy end-to-end architectures, compliance & security, and support.

  • Ready-to-Deploy Architectures

  • Ongoing Updates & Maintenance

  • Compliance & Security Modules

  • Enterprise Support

  • Same Business Day SLA

What our customers are saying

We Help Our Customers To Get A Competitive Edge Through Cloud And Infrastructure As Code So They Can Innovate Faster!

Leveraging the reusable infrastructure components that are provided by Mineiros is an incredible help for us. Building on top of their library allowed us to migrate to AWS in just a few days while incorporating all kinds of best practices such as infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, continuous integration, continuous delivery, containerization, load balancing, auto-scaling, monitoring, security, etc. Minerios is a strong and recommendable partner to work with.

Andreas Bichler, CEO of Amatus
Andreas Bichler
CEO, Amatus GmbH

Resonanz is a company that focuses on the energy industry. Our infrastructure must be secure and reliable. We are using the infrastructure as code library provided by Minerios to deploy complex cloud infrastructure such as Kubernetes clusters, data pipelines, and microservices without investing many hours in engineering or researching best practices. Also, the advice, training, and ongoing support from the Mineiros team has been excellent.

Yiqun Liu, COO of Resonanz
Yiqun Liu
COO, Resonanz